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[Bug java/20941] Incorrect case for META-INF with fastjar

------- Additional Comments From phil at mkdoc dot com  2005-04-11 09:47 -------
Lots of attachments, but it's simple really:

1. Set two environment variables: $mk_home, a path in which the source is at 
$mk_home/lib-src/jaxp, and $mk_build, which is a temporary build directory

2. Put all the bash scripts in the same directory, say $mk_home/bin (chmod +x)

3. Extract the GNU JAXP source to $mk_home/lib-src/jaxp

4. Run $mk_home/bin/ to compile and archive the classes: the JAR is 
created at $mk_home/lib/gnu-jaxp.jar

5. Compile with $mk_home/lib/gnu-jaxp.jar in the classpath.

6. Run XMLReaderTest with with $mk_home/lib/gnu-jaxp.jar in the classpath, 
default package, no arguments.

The source JAR does not include the service provider directory. To test with the 
service provider:

7. Save the service provider file at $mk_home/lib-src/META-INF/services/org.xml.

8. Re-run $mk_home/bin/

9. Re-run XMLReaderTest with with $mk_home/lib/gnu-jaxp.jar in the classpath.

To test fastjar with the M argument, add it to $mk_home/ and repeat 7 
and 8 above.

Correction to my original report: the Sun JVM is case insensitive to META-INF, 
gij is case sensitive.


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