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[Bug libfortran/20661] End of record not detected

------- Additional Comments From cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-04-10 08:36 -------
Subject: Bug 20661

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Changes by:	2005-04-10 08:35:40

Modified files:
	libgfortran    : ChangeLog 
	libgfortran/io : transfer.c 
	gcc/testsuite  : ChangeLog 
Added files:
	gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg: eor_handling_1.f90 eor_handling_2.f90 
	                           eor_handling_3.f90 eor_handling_4.f90 
	                           eor_handling_5.f90 noadv_size.f90 

Log message:
	2005-04-10  Thomas Koenig <>
	PR libfortran/17992
	PR libfortran/19568
	PR libfortran/19595
	PR libfortran/20005
	PR libfortran/20092
	PR libfortran/20131
	PR libfortran/20138
	PR libfortran/20661
	PR libfortran/20744
	* io/transfer.c (top level): eor_condition: New static variable.
	(read_sf): Remove unnecessary zeroing of buffer (there is enough
	information in its length).
	Return a string of length 0 (to be padded by caller) if EOR was
	seen previously.
	Remove erroneous special casing of EOR for standard input.
	Set eor_condition for non-advancing I/O if an end of line was
	Increment ioparm.size if necessary.
	(formatted_transfer):  Skip the function if there is an EOR condition.
	(data_transfer_init):  Initialize eor_condition to zero (false).
	(next_record_r):  Clear sf_seen_eor if a \n has been seen already.
	(finalize_transfer):  If there is an EOR condition, raise the error.
	2005-04-10   Thomas Koenig  <>
	* eor_handling_1.f90: New test case.
	* eor_handling_2.f90: New test case.
	* eor_handling_3.f90: New test case.
	* eor_handling_4.f90: New test case.
	* eor_handling_5.f90: New test case.
	* noadv_size.f90: New test case.
	* pad_no.f90: New test case.



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