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[Bug c++/19317] [4.1 Regression] removing a temporary return value when we cannot

------- Additional Comments From pluto at pld-linux dot org  2005-04-08 13:33 -------
(In reply to comment #15)
> thats the same issue  like the konqueror crash which I couldn't 
> find a workaround for in gcc either.  

(gdb) bt
#0  ~QIconSet (this=0x8209614) at qshared.h:50

~QIconSet (this=0x8209614) at qshared.h:50
50          bool deref()        { return !--count; }
(gdb) print this
$1 = (QIconSet * const) 0x8209614
(gdb) print *this
$2 = {_vptr.QIconSet = 0x41048ba8, d = 0x5}

It looks as if "d" was corrupted in toplevel.

#1  0x4068cc51 in ~KGuiItem (this=0xbfffdbe4) at kguiitem.cpp:109
#2  0x400a1ce5 in ~QPair (this=0xbfffdbe4) at
#3  0x400727ea in KonqMainWindow::initActions (this=0x812af98)

#4  0x4008b330 in KonqMainWindow (this=0x812af98, initialURL=@0xbfffef84,
    openInitialURL=false, name=0x29 <Address 0x29 out of bounds>,
                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ [*]
    xmluiFile=@0x29) at

#5  0x4009099c in KonqMisc::createBrowserWindowFromProfile (path=@0xbffff294,
    filename=@0xbffff26c, url=@0xbffff420, args=@0xbffff3f4,
    forbidUseHTML=false, filesToSelect=@0xbffff3f0, tempFile=false,
    openURL=true) at
#6  0x40096bae in kdemain (argc=41, argv=0x29) at
#7  0x080486a2 in main (argc=41, argv=0x29) at

KonqMainWindow constructor was called from this context:
      KConfig cfg( path, true );
      cfg.setDollarExpansion( true );
      cfg.setGroup( "Profile" );
      QString xmluiFile=cfg.readEntry("XMLUIFile","konqueror.rc");

152:  mainWindow = new KonqMainWindow( KURL(), false, 0, xmluiFile );
                                    gcc passed 0x29 inplace of these params.


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