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[Bug other/7549] gcc3.1: Documentation glitches in info-files


------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-05 11:40 -------
Ahh, sorry, I didn't got, that you are asking for the references in the manual.
Here they are:

===================== -Wall ===================================================

All of the above -W options combined [...]

This comes waayyy down on the page. 
As mentioned I would like to a see a reference to -Wall at the beginning of 
this section and probably a note coming with each of the option, if it is 
included in -Wall. (This would make it easier to decide which -W... to use)

Funnily there are already some forward references to Wall:
"-Wformat is included in -Wall. "
"-Wnonnull is included in -Wall and -Wformat."
"-Wstrict-aliasing [...] It is included in -Wall."

For the optimization-options this is already done !
-O turns on the following optimization flags: 
And (e.g.)
Enabled at levels -O2, -O3, -Os. 

=================== -ftrapv =================================================
Has already been moved to "Code generation options"
(Where it fits much better)
So this is solved.

============ `-ffunction-sections' `-fdata-sections' ========================
There is no mentioning of HPPA here any more. So this is also solved.


Thanks for following up through all the miss-understandings so far !

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