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Your website.

Dear sirs!
My name - Sasha Surov. I sales manager company CYPOB. The main office of our company is located
in Saint Petersburg. We are working at Northwest region of Russia. Our company is engaged in sale
of various products for the population.
We own a network of shops in Saint Petersburg, total of shops - 32 pcs. We have advanced enough network of
dealers in the European part of Russia.
Our company CYPOB was based in 1989. The monthly revolution makes about 700.000 USD.
Our staff of employees is made by 50 person in head office and 35 in second.
Unfortunately recently quality of many Russian goods has ceased to satisfy us.
We have made the decision to search for partners and to establish relations in the Asian region.
By experience of many companies we were convinced, that quality of the goods from your country superb,
the prices low, and the choice is huge. We have found the address of your company on B2B a site.
Unfortunately the information submitted on B2B a site is not full.
We ask you to send in our address yours catalogue - presentation of the company or to specify the
address of yours website. After careful studying we shall inform you about products interesting us and quantity
of the first order.
Please, do not use for delivery of the correspondence by couriers DHL, TNT, UPS or FedEx.
Sometimes, because of problems in the Russian legislation, the duty on documents or a parcels can reach
the sum of 200-250 dollars. In order to prevent misunderstanding remit documents by Registred Air Mail
or EMS courier service. Thank You!
Yours faithfully, Sasha Surov, Sales Manager.

Our Address in St. Petersburg:

Sasha Surov
Gavanskaya Str. 33-59

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