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[Bug c++/4672] [3.3/3.4 Regression] [DR 214] Template parameter deduction fails for overloaded template functions.


           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[DR 214] Template parameter |[3.3/3.4 Regression] [DR
                   |deduction fails for         |214] Template parameter
                   |overloaded template         |deduction fails for
                   |functions.                  |overloaded template
                   |                            |functions.

------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-02 16:40 -------
still exists on the mainline (20030529) and 3.3.1 (20030526): In member function `void A::foo() const': error: call of overloaded `Foo(const A* const)' is ambiguous note: candidates are: void Foo(U&) [with T = int, U = const A* 
   const] note:                 void Foo(U*) [with T = int, U = const A]

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