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Re: cause of all the mainline Sparc regressions

>    From: Jan Hubicka <>
>    Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 16:23:07 +0200
>    Hmm, unless I am mistaken, only purpose for finish_eh_gneration to
>    cleanup cfg is to kill unreachable code.  I guess in that case, it would
>    be better to dirrectly call delete_unreachable_blocks and since this is
>    already done, perhaps we don't need anything.
> But if you delete unreachable blocks, shouldn't you optimize the
> CFG in the hopes that EH will end up doing less work?

I think EH ends up with less work only when some receivers become
unreachable and this can happen only from unreachable/dead code removal,
I guess it does not happen by the optimization cleanup_cfg does except
for code removal. We can save some overhead then.
> I think we should just add the new flag bit and keep things the
> way it is.  I'm going to check the following for now, so people
> can get work done.  And if we find a better solution, my change
> can be reverted.
> Ok?

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