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Re: Virtual memory exhausted

Neil Booth wrote:-

> Compiling stage1/objc-act.c with CVS as of 30 mins ago.
> It had consumed well over 600MB when it died.

A backtrace at 200MB gives:

#0  0x083501d5 in bitmap_element_zerop (element=0x88d699c)
    at ../../gcc/bitmap.c:155
#1  0x0834faa4 in bitmap_operation (to=0xbfffe980, from1=0xbfffe980, 
    from2=0x88d128c, operation=BITMAP_IOR) at ../../gcc/bitmap.c:633
#2  0x08160109 in calculate_global_regs_live (blocks_in=0x88b4010, 
    blocks_out=0x88b4010, flags=16) at ../../gcc/flow.c:1192
#3  0x0815ef3b in update_life_info (blocks=0x88b4010, 
    extent=UPDATE_LIFE_GLOBAL_RM_NOTES, prop_flags=27) at
#4  0x0815f631 in update_life_info_in_dirty_blocks (
    extent=UPDATE_LIFE_GLOBAL_RM_NOTES, prop_flags=27) at
#5  0x083595dc in cleanup_cfg (mode=35) at ../../gcc/cfgcleanup.c:1802
#6  0x082fdd8f in rest_of_compilation (decl=0x406cc700)
    at ../../gcc/toplev.c:3242
#7  0x0807315d in c_expand_body (fndecl=0x406cc700, nested_p=0,
    at ../../gcc/c-decl.c:6840
#8  0x08072c92 in finish_function (nested=0, can_defer_p=1)
    at ../../gcc/c-decl.c:6707
#9  0x0804a758 in yyparse () at c-parse.y:400
#10 0x08056604 in c_common_parse_file (set_yydebug=0) at
#11 0x082fb495 in compile_file () at ../../gcc/toplev.c:2063
#12 0x08301281 in do_compile () at ../../gcc/toplev.c:5151
#13 0x083012da in toplev_main (argc=58, argv=0xbffff764)
    at ../../gcc/toplev.c:5183
#14 0x080c13ca in main (argc=58, argv=0xbffff764) at ../../gcc/main.c:35
#15 0x400376cf in __libc_start_main () from /lib/

so I suspect this patch:

2002-05-16  Zdenek Dvorak

	Basic block renumbering removal:
	* basic_block.h (struct basic_block_def): Renamed index to
	* sindex,
	added prev_bb and next_bb fields.
	(n_basic_blocks): Renamed to num_basic_blocks.
	(last_basic_block): New, index of last basic block.
	traversing basic block chain.
	(BLOCK_NUM): index -> sindex.
	(create_basic_block_structure, create_basic_block): Declaration
	(debug_num2bb): Declare.
	(expunge_block_nocompact): Declaration removed.
	(link_block, unlink_block, compact_blocks): Declare.
	* bb-reorder.c (make_reorder_chain, make_reorder_chain_1):


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