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RE: libstdc++/6594: strstreambuf leaks 16 bytes - gcc 3.0.x

Yes, I am aware that it is deprecated.  However, it is still used in quite a
lot of places.
Eventually, I will replace it with strinstream.  But during this
'transition' period I still need to use it.
I will try your patch.

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Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: libstdc++/6594: strstreambuf leaks 16 bytes - gcc 3.0.x

Synopsis: strstreambuf leaks 16 bytes - gcc 3.0.x

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    So it does.... 69 has

    strstreambuf::strstreambuf(streamsize initial_capacity)
      : _Base(),
        _M_alloc_fun(0), _M_free_fun(0),
        _M_dynamic(true), _M_frozen(false), _M_constant(false)
      streamsize n = max(initial_capacity, streamsize(16));

      char* buf = _M_alloc(n);
      if (buf) {
        setp(buf, buf + n);
        setg(buf, buf, buf);


    Are you aware that this class has been deprecated by std::stringstream?
You might consider using it instead.

    However, it turns out that the bug is pretty easy to fix. You might try
this, and let me know how it goes.

    2002-05-15  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

        PR libstdc++/6594
        * src/ (strstreambuf): Fix leak.

    The patch is here:


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