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Re: other/6653: make dvi fails on solaris, gcc-3.0.4

On 13 May 2002 wrote:

> texi2dvi -I ../../gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc -I ../../gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc/include ../../gc\
> c-3.0.4/gcc/doc/gcc.texi^M
> /home/jdeifik/work/gnu/gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc/invoke.texi:159: Unknown command `gol'\
> .^M
> /home/jdeifik/work/gnu/gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc/invoke.texi:165: Unknown command `gol'\
> .^M
> /home/jdeifik/work/gnu/gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc/invoke.texi:166: Unknown command `gol'\
> .^M
> /home/jdeifik/work/gnu/gcc-3.0.4/gcc/doc/invoke.texi:167 ...
> This goes on for many lines, as the '@gol' is used many
> times in invoke.texi. 
> This is with "This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.2)"

If this is a complete log, that indicates that texi2dvi is trying to use
makeinfo to expand macros, rather than TeX - you need to investigate why.  
@gol is defined in different ways for TeX and info because of differences
between how the two implementations of macro expansion work; texi2dvi -e
is unlikely to work.  The texinfo.tex included with GCC is sufficiently
recent that texi2dvi should detect that it supports macro expansion.

Joseph S. Myers

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