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Re: preprocessor/6521: -MG creates dependency with wrong path

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 06:31:05PM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:
> Good point, I'd not thought of that.  I tend to think, though, that
> -MG should never really be being used with <>, so whatever we do
> isn't that important.  That makes me like Robert's patch as it
> deletes code, and does what is documented after all.

This is true.  And we have one registered complaint about the current
behavior.  We can always put it back later.

Robert, would you be willing to clarify the documentation?

> > ... perhaps -Mx <path> puts all the
> > dependencies on generated files in <path>.  (Where 'x' is some
> > appropriate letter; I am too tired to think of a good one right now.)
> Hmm, I guess.  We have too many options, really.  It's a shame -MG
> can't die.  Fancy doing it with your "closing same file twice" patch?
> 8-)

FYI, I'm not likely to get to that issue until next week.  If you want
to fix it first, feel free.

As for -MG with/without argument, I'm planning to look at it anyway
when I move cpplib to its own directory (which will give us the
leverage we need to do automatic dependency generation for the gcc
directory).  Let's not worry about it now.


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