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Re: exes can't find without help

On Jul  5, 2001, Joe Buck <jbuck@synopsys.COM> wrote:

> That's incorrect as it vastly overstates the disadvantage.  The
> executables will only work on a machine that has
> installed somewhere on the wired-in search path, but the executables can
> still be portable.  It's just that any client has to put
> or a symbolic link to it in the right place.

Or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that, even though isn't in the
hard-wired search PATH, it can still be found.  Or get the dynamic
linker to search by default the directory containing on
the other machine.

In general, the approach of hard-wiring pathnames is only a problem
when (i) the hard-wired pathname happens to be in an NFS mount-point
that is mounted, but down, so NFS will keep retrying until it times
out (with -o soft) or the server comes back up, or (ii) a hard-wired
pathname happens to contain a library that, in spite of having the
same soname, is not binary-compatible with the one the program was
linked with.

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