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Re: with_cross_host vs cross-hosted

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, DJ Delorie wrote:

> I call them "crossed natives" for lack of a single-word name for them.
> linux->linux->linux	native
> linux->linux->cygwin	cross
> linux->cygwin->cygwin	crossed native
> linux->cygwin->mips	canadian
> I don't know what linux->cygwin->linux would be called.  It's
> technically a canadian, but last time I tried that (with
> linux->djgpp->linux) it didn't work - it thought it was native.
> Maybe we should call it a "crossback"?

Does any GNU package install "The GNU configure and build system" by Ian
Lance Taylor (found e.g. in binutils/etc/configure.texi)?  That's probably
where documentation of this sort of terminology should go - and parts of
it, e.g. the documentation of the Cygnus toplevel directory, would be
useful for the GCC documentation (which needs better general documentation
of the GCC build process internals), though it isn't assigned to the FSF
(being Copyright (C) 1998 Cygnus Solutions).  (OTOH, much of that file is
tutorial documentation of autoconf/automake, which isn't relevant to the
GCC documentation.)

(There's also the older cfg-paper.texi, e.g. in
binutils-2.8/etc/cfg-paper.texi, but that is rather confusing through
involving *four* environments rather than the three of build/host/target.)

Joseph S. Myers

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