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Re: Stack implementation

At 8:21 AM -0500 7/2/01, Aaron wrote:

> >
>>	The stack-frame is target-dependent and as such is primarily documented by the code in the target.h
>>	and target.c files.  These parameterize the call-return, argument passing and automatic storage
>>	mechanisms on a per-target basis.
>Aren't the target.h and target.c part of the g77 Fortran compiler and not
>the C compiler?

	That was <meta>-target, e.g., in your case

		gcc/config/i386/i386.c and i386.h

>I'm using a PentiumIII running Red Hat 7.1. (gcc 2.96-81). I'm looking to
>understand how the memory is allocated on the call stack when a function
>is called. I am specifically interested in finding the purpose, size, and
>location of all the fields stored in each frame (parameters, stack
>pointer?, return address, variables).

	As Obi-wan said.....

		Use the source, Luke!

	See also function.c and calls.c for the gory details.....

-- Al



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