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GCC 4.3.0 Released

GCC 4.3.0 has been released.

GCC 4.3.0 is a major release, containing substantial new functionality
not available in GCC 4.2.x or previous GCC releases.


for more information about changes in GCC 4.3.0.

This release is available from the FTP servers listed here:

The release is in gcc/gcc-4.3.0/ subdirectory.

There is one important caveat.  It was discovered after the final release
has been made that some OS kernels on i?86 and x86_64 architectures
violate the processor specific ABI with regards to the DF flag, if a process
is interrupted with a signal while doing overlapping memmove or running some
other code with DF flag set, the signal handler might be started with DF
flag set on entry to the signal handler.  GCC 4.3.0 no longer emits cld
instructions unnecessarily, so GCC 4.3.0 compiled async signal handlers or
functions the signal handlers call that rely on DF flag being cleared
might misbehave.  This will be hopefully fixed in the kernels soon and
future GCC releases might provide an optional workaround for this bug.
Fixes for some systems:

If you encounter difficulties using GCC 4.3, please do not contact me
directly.  Instead, please visit for information
about getting help.

As always, a vast number of people contributed to this GCC releases --
far too many to thank individually!

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