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GCC 4.1.0 Released

GCC 4.1.0 has been released.

This release is a major release, containing substantial new
functionality relative to previous releases.  See:

for a list of new features, improvements, and other changes.

This release is available from the FTP servers listed here:

The release is in the gcc/gcc-4.1.0 subdirectory.

There are two important caveats beyond those listed on the web page

1. GNU TAR 1.14 is required to unpack the source releases.  Other
   versions of tar are likely to report errors or silently unpack the
   file incorrectly.

2. It was discovered after the final release had been made that there
   is an installation problem when building with Java enabled and when
   "--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs" is in use .  In
   particular, header files for some of the Java APIs will be placed
   in "/include" (with no prefix), due to a defect in the Java

   There are three known work-arounds:

   a) Disable Java by using "--enable-languages" when configuring
      GCC.  For example, to build just the C and C++ compilers, use

   b) Do not use "--enable-version-specific-runtime-libs".

   c) Use "--with-gxx-include-dir=" to explicitly indicate where
      you would like the Java header files to be placed.  For
      example, if you use "--prefix=/path/to/prefix" then using:


      will place the header files in the appropriate version-specific

   I expect this problem will be corrected in GCC 4.1.1.

If you encounter any difficulties using GCC 4.1.0, please do not send
them directly to me.  Instead, please for
information about getting help and filing problem reports.

We expect to release GCC 4.0.3 (an bug-fix release relative to GCC
4.0.2) in the near future.  GCC 4.1.1 (a bug-fix release for GCC
4.1.0) will be released in approximately two months.

As usual, a vast number of people contributed to this release -- far
too many to thank by name!

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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