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Re: RFC: DWARF debug tags for gfortran's OOP implementation

Hi Tobias,

> during the GCC Gathering I realized during the LTO debugging symbol
> discussion that gfortran does not generate debug information for the OOP
> features (cf. PR 49475).

Btw, how was the London meeting? Anything interesting to report (Fortran-wise)?

> The first issue to solve is which DWARF information one should generate. I
> have only very limited knowledge of DWARF, except that I quickly scanned
> "5.5.3 Derived or Extended Structs, Classes and Interfaces" and "5.5.7
> Member Function Entries" (of
> I think one should handle member functions (cf. example below). I am not
> sure whether other things like type extension or accessibility should be
> handled.

Well, in principle all of those should be handled, I guess.

I don't have any experience with DWARF either, but maybe I'll look
into it, once I have gotten some of the more nasty OOP
bugs/regressions out of the way.

How would one tackle this practically? All the DWARF stuff is
generated in the middle-end, I assume (and probably the type
extension/member function info is already there for C++, right?). So,
the question is: What do we need to do in the front end, in order to
make the middle-end emit the right DWARF info?


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