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Re: Problem building GCC

Hi Arjen,
On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 09:21:03AM +0200, Arjen Markus wrote:
> Hi Axel,
> > 2011/6/22 Axel Freyn <>:
> >> Hi Arjen,
> >>
> >> The error happens while generating the ada frontend -- do you plan to
> >> use ada or only fortran? If only fortran, you could recompile with
> >> --enable-languages=fortran. That should avoid the problem.
> >>
> >> If not, how did you configure the build exactly?
> >>
> here is the invocation of ./configure I use:
> ./configure --with-gmp-include=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/gmp-5.0.2
> --with-gmp-lib=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/gmp-5.0.2/.libs
> --with-mpfr-include=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/mpfr-3.0.1
> --with-mpfr-lib=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/mpfr-3.0.1/.libs
> --with-mpc-include=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/mpc-0.9/src
> --with-mpc-lib=d:/gcc4.6.1.src/mpc-0.9/src/.libs --prefix=d:/gcc4.6.1
> --enable-languages=c,fortran
That explains your problem.  You are explicitely discouraged to run
configure inside the source directory :-)
You have to run it from a different directory which is even NO
SUBDIRECTORY of the source-directory.
So e.g. 
mkdir build
cd build
../gcc-4.6.1-RC-20110620/configure .......

should work.




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