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Re: Original commit history for gfortran

On Sunday 19 June 2011 20:30:17 Christopher Bergström wrote:
> Nothing cloudy
> 1) Vet the codebase (stated this clearly)
> 2) Listen to what people say - (What needs to be worked on, are people
> open to things like dual licensing, what's the future of Fortran,
> etc..)
> For whatever reason someone at Apple has decided to work on "flang".
> I'm not sure if the code is public or even a serious effort at all.
> Apple certainly has the resources to toss at it, but outside of
> someone's personal hobby project I can only think of one reason to
> spend time on it.
> 1) Our goal (PathScale) is to implement F2K3/8
Why not extend the existing frontend?
Is it in such a bad shape that rewriting a new IR generator is preferable?

Is it g95 only that you plan to import or some of gfortran as well?

I personally see no problem gfortran being reused in pathscale's compiler as 
long as pathscale's contribution is libre (free). It can even improve code 
quality to make gfortran backend independant (probably not much as the IR 
generation is quite separated already, but who knows?), and that would give us 
an open64 (this one is a "really free" compiler I think) backend at the same 
time. Not bad.


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