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Re: Original commit history for gfortran

Hi all,

I'm sorry if I made this turn into a discussion of the benefits of Free Software, just two short points ...

On 2011-06-19 18:58, Steve Kargl wrote:
On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 11:04:09PM +0700, "C. Bergstr?m" wrote:
Andy started the project and at the time of the fork still was the
majority contributor.

Perhaps, you need to read the Copyright notices in the trans-*.[ch] files. It was Paul Brook and Steven Bosscher who initially wrote the majority of the code that hooked Andy's parser up to the GCC middle and backend.

Let's not forget GCC itself, which really is the biggest part of g95 (of course, there would probably have been a g95 without gcc, as there would have been another compiler backend, but there wouldn't have been a g95 without Andy).

If you have concerns about PathScale email me privately.  My intention
is to vet the codebase.  Vetting g95 is relatively easy, but there's a
chasm between it and gfortran I'm trying to map.  If that's successful
I'd like to figure out if/how PathScale can contribute.  if we continue
to get much more negatively this early on (I don't care the reason).
I'll just forget the whole thing.

All of the code in gfortran is assigned to the FSF. Have you approached the FSF with a request to dual licenses the code? There are on the order of 100 contributors listed in the gcc/fortran/ChangeLog* files. Are you asking each individual to re-license his/her contribution to gfortran?

Given Christopher's answer to my question, I think he wants to make sure that the code is REALLY assigned to the FSF so that his company doesn't run into troubles down the road.

- Tobi

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