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Re: Automatic parallelization in 4.3?

Hi Zdenek,

Zdenek Dvorak wrote:
>> I found one post by Zdenek Dvorak regarding auto-parallelization, but
>> it doesn't mention Fortran AFAICT.  See
> the autoparallelization we currently develop is language-independent
> (it runs together with other loop optimizations quite late in the
> compilation process), so I cannot do anything strictly fortran specific.

As it came up as question and I wonder myself:

Your patch (link above) uses:

+ @item -ftree-parallelize-loops=@var{n}
+ Automatically generate parallel code using the primitives from
+ libgomp. Create parallel code for @var{n} threads.

The question is: Why does one need to specify the number of processors
at compile time? Using OpenMP this is done at run time via
It might be nice to have optionally the possibility to specify the
number of threads at compile time since this (as I assume) makes
optimization easier. But I think using a variable number of threads
makes sense (and this is what the Intel Compiler do if you specify

> It should be possible to pass some information from fortran frontend
> (like the fact that the procedures in forall constructs are pure) to the
> optimizers, which might make it possible to parallelize the
> corresponding loops (and it could also help other optimizations).

Do you know how to pass this information?


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