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Re: [PATCH, Fortran] documentation for FTELL, GETLOG, HOSTNM instrinsics

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
If I may suggest some minor changes, though?

Index: intrinsic.texi
+This intrinsic is provided in both subroutine and function forms; however,
+only one form can be used in any given program unit.

How about chaning "...forms; however, only one..." to "forms. Only one form can be..."?

Thanks; that does sound better. There are a few other intrinsics that fit this pattern; I'm intending to eventually push those into a common wording for documenting the restriction.

+Stores the current user name in @var{LOGIN}.  (On systems where
+the @code{getlogin(3)} function is not implemented, this will
+return a blank string.)

I suggest to omit the parentheses here, and make "stores in" and
"return a blank string" more consistent.  (I assume that also in
the latter case, that blank string is going to be returned in LOGIN?)

Yup; I agree.

Thanks much,
- Brooks

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