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Re: [PATCH] install.texi: Correct mention of Fortran in "full distribution" desc.

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, Steve Kargl wrote:
>> I'd be interested in opinions on whether or not I should add a 
>> parenthetical note saying "(Fortran 77 in GCC 3.4 and earlier, Fortran 
>> 95 in GCC 4.0 and later)" after "Fortran" in the list, to cover the 
>> changeover from g77 to gfortran.  Comments?
> I don't think the parenthetical comment is needed.  The patch
> looks OK to me, but I probably can't approve it.

One think we like to achieve with install.texi, as far as possible without 
completely bending over, is to keep it applicable to older releases as 
well (which is where the form of the Ada references comes from, I believe).

In this specific instance, I tend to agree with Steve in favor of omitting
the parenthetical note (not the least because GNU Fortran is going to be
more than Fortran 95, IIUC).

Please make sure not to exceed line lengths of 72 characters (which the
current patch seems to do) and commit, Brooks.

Thanks for the patch!


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