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Various patches

Many thanks to Steve and Erik for reviewing my recent patches in a very timely fashion. I put the whole lot together, regtested, ran NIST, ran the Polyhedron suite and built and ran tonto-2.3. With greens across the board, I have committed:

2006-10-13 Paul Thomas <>

   PR fortran/29373
   * decl.c (get_proc_name, gfc_match_function_decl): Add
   attr.implicit_type to conditions that throw error for
   existing explicit interface and that allow new type-
   spec to be applied.

   PR fortran/29407
   * resolve.c (resolve_fl_namelist): Do not check for
   namelist/procedure conflict, if the symbol corresponds
   to a good local variable declaration.

   PR fortran/27701
   * decl.c (get_proc_name): Replace the detection of a declared
   procedure by the presence of a formal argument list by the
   attributes of the symbol and the presence of an explicit

   PR fortran/29232
   * resolve.c (resolve_fl_variable): See if the host association
   of a derived type is blocked by the presence of another type I
   object in the current namespace.

   PR fortran/29364
   * resolve.c (resolve_fl_derived): Check for the presence of
   the derived type for a derived type component.

   PR fortran/24398
   * module.c (gfc_use_module): Check that the first words in a
   module file are 'GFORTRAN module'.

   PR fortran/29422
   * resolve.c (resolve_transfer): Test functions for suitability
   for IO, as well as variables.

   PR fortran/29428
   * trans-expr.c (gfc_trans_scalar_assign): Remove nullify of
   rhs expression.

It should be noted that I have not included a version number as suggested by FX. In my opinion, there should be consensus on what if anything is needed there. As it stands, the original bug is fixed and USE will not try to absorb anything otehr than a gfortran module file.


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