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Re: Including GMP/MPFR in GCC repository?

First, please note that having gfortran testresults for one platform
only means that "some version of the compiler was able to correctly
compile GMP & MPFR", not that "GCC trunk is able to correctly compile
GMP & MPFR". Nevertheless:

    * i386-unknown-freebsd (alpha-unknown-freebsd5.4)

I can confirm that GMP & MPFR build fine and run their testsuite cleanly on i386-unknown-freebsd{4.7,5.4,5.11}. I know Steve Kargl uses this on x86_64-unknown-freebsd6.1 and it works fine.

As for other BSDs, I can confirm that GMP & MPFR build and run their
testsuite fine on i386-unknown-netbsd2.0.2,

    * sparc-sun-solaris2.10

I can also confirm that GMP & MPFR build and run fine on i386-unknown-solaris2.9.

    * ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

I my experience, GMP & MPFR do also work fine on ia64-hpux, but that requires a recent GMP version (>= 4.2.0, if I remember correctly; before that, the configury didn't work well for ia64-hpux).

Also, I have had GMP & MPFR building and testing fine on alpha-linux
for some time.

Finally, as S/390 GNU/Linux seems to be considered for inclusion into
this list, it is worthy to note that gfortran is built & regtested on
this platform and variants regularly.


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