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Re: Including GMP/MPFR in GCC repository?

Kaveh R. GHAZI wrote:
Has there been any thought to including GMP/MPFR in the GCC repository
like we do for zlib and intl?

I do not think we should be including more such packages in the GCC repository. It's complicated from an FSF perspective and it bloats our software. GCC is a complicated piece of software, and to build it you need a lot of stuff installed on your system. I think we should just accept that. :-)

I think that making our build system more complicated, and adding more packages, with the goal of making life simpler for people building from source is deceptive. It doesn't seem particularly harder to build and install a few libraries and then install GCC. But, making our build system more complex gives us more ways to make mistakes. It also tempts us to add lots of configuration options for in-tree and "system" versions of the libraries, for building but not installing libraries, etc.

I do think we should do is provide a known-good version (whether via a tag in some version control system, or via a tarball) of these libraries so that people can easily get versions that work.

(For avoidance of doubt, the above statements are just my opinions as a GCC developer; they're in no way "official".)

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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