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Re: Explicitly typing (:) not allowed?

Hi Mattias,

mattias alveteg wrote:
>> Try upgrading to a newer version.  The code compiles with
>> 4.2.0 comopilers from 20060927 and 20061005.
> thanks for your swift reply. I'm a bit at loss though how one actually
> gets the 4.2 version. On the canonical GCC ftp server the most recent
> I find is 4.1.1 and the same seems to be the case when using svn
> (looking at the branches)
> (I understand the 4.2 version must exist though, since the binary I
> downloaded was made with GCC 4.2)

Well, both is right: There is no 4.2.0 yet, but the current developer
version ("trunk") is already called "4.2.0". It identifies itself as
"4.2.0 20061006 (experimental)", where "experimental" is the indication
that it is not yet released.

Actually, gfortran 4.1.1 (or a later branch version) should have worked
as well, they were Fortran-wise almost identical until recently.

The GCC 4.2 branch will be created as soon as the number of GCC
regressions falls below ~100. The branching is expected to happen in a
few weeks [although it has shifted quite a bit already].

As Fortran doesn't count as important frontend (only C and C++ do), we
can still merge new features whereas for C and C++, the middle, and
backend one has to wait for GCC 4.3.

As you have used gfortran 4.0.x before: Please remember that 4.0.x is
rather buggy, only 4.1.x and 4.2 should be used.


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