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Re: [PATCH, Fortran] gfortran.texi: Update "Project Status" section.

Steve Kargl wrote:
On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 09:32:16PM -0700, Brooks Moses wrote:
This is the same text that I posted in a "draft" version last week, taking into account Jerry's comments with regards to the LAPACK testsuite -- it now says "produces acceptable results on the LAPACK Test Suite". (I think it would be useful to explain this a bit more on the Wiki page about the results, and in particular explain why it is that the results report "1 failure" and it's still "acceptable". I don't understand the details well enough to write that, though.)

You can point people at

There's still a little bit of a gap in the explanation between what's explained on the FAW page, and three of the six error lines reported on the Wiki (, namely:

csep.out: CST drivers:      1 out of  11664 tests failed to pass the threshold
ssep.out: SST:    1 out of  4662 tests failed to pass the threshold
ssep.out: SST drivers:      1 out of  14256 tests failed to pass the threshold

Are these what the FAQ answer refers to as "minor testing failures"?

...Though I just realized that the "very near the acceptance critera threshold" phrase in the Wiki description is probably referring to that, rather than to the "1 failure is almost 0 failures" that I thought it meant on first reading, in which case the information is there, I just didn't see it.

- Brooks

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