GCC 3.2 Release Series

(This release series is no longer supported.)

April 25, 2003

The GNU project and the GCC developers are pleased to announce the release of GCC 3.2.3.

The purpose of the GCC 3.2 release series is to provide a stable platform for OS distributors to use building their next releases. A primary objective was to stabilize the C++ ABI; we believe that the interface to the compiler and the C++ standard library are now relatively stable.

Be aware that C++ code compiled by GCC 3.2.x will (in general) not interoperate with code compiled by GCC 3.1.1 or earlier.

Please refer to our detailed list of news, caveats, and bug-fixes for further information.

Release History

GCC 3.2.3
April 25, 2003 (changes)
GCC 3.2.2
February 5, 2003 (changes)
GCC 3.2.1
November 19, 2002 (changes)
GCC 3.2
August 14, 2002 (changes)

References and Acknowledgements

GCC used to stand for the GNU C Compiler, but since the compiler supports several other languages aside from C, it now stands for the GNU Compiler Collection.

A list of successful builds is updated as new information becomes available.

The GCC developers would like to thank the numerous people that have contributed new features, improvements, bug fixes, and other changes as well as test results to GCC. This amazing group of volunteers is what makes GCC successful.

For additional information about GCC please refer to the GCC project web site or contact the GCC development mailing list.

To obtain GCC please use our mirror sites, or our CVS server.