Bug 24476 - [4.1/4.2 Regression] gcc.dg/tls/pr24428.c execution test and gcc.dg/tls/pr24428-2.c execution test fail on IA64
Summary: [4.1/4.2 Regression] gcc.dg/tls/pr24428.c execution test and gcc.dg/tls/pr244...
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Product: gcc
Classification: Unclassified
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Version: 4.1.0
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: 4.1.1
Assignee: Not yet assigned to anyone
Depends on: 24475
Blocks: 24838
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Reported: 2005-10-21 19:46 UTC by Joseph S. Myers
Modified: 2006-03-16 21:45 UTC (History)
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Target: ia64-*-hpux*
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Last reconfirmed: 2006-02-02 22:41:01


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Description Joseph S. Myers 2005-10-21 19:46:45 UTC
FAIL: gcc.dg/tls/pr24428-2.c execution test
FAIL: gcc.dg/tls/pr24428.c execution test

have appeared on ia64-hp-hpux11.23 when those tests were added (20051018-20051020), on both mainline and 4.0 branch.

These failures only appear with -milp32 not -mlp64, *except* that on mainline only
FAIL: gcc.dg/tls/pr24428.c execution test
appears also with -mlp64.  This is a regression from 4.0 branch, and gcc-testresults shows it also appears on ia64-linux.

The corresponding failure on IA32 is bug 24475.
Comment 1 Mark Mitchell 2005-10-31 06:33:58 UTC
Leaving as P2, pending analysis.
Comment 2 Uroš Bizjak 2005-11-24 08:09:59 UTC
The testsuite patch that fixes IA32 tests (and should also fix IA64 issues reported here) is at http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2005-11/msg01059.html.

Patch is still waiting for review, however I can't test it on IA64.
Comment 3 Jakub Jelinek 2005-12-29 12:15:15 UTC
This really needs to be investigated by someone with native hpux access.
All that I can add is that the problem is not present on ia64-linux, so it could
very well be a bug in hpux runtime or in hpux assembler or linker.
On ia64-linux (and guess hpux -mlp64 as well) the assembly contains:
        addl r15 = @tprel(thrtest#+648), r2
        addl r14 = @tprel(thrtest#), r2
so perhaps the toolchain can't cope with offseted tprel relocations.
Comment 4 Steve Ellcey 2006-02-02 22:41:01 UTC
These tests, along with g++.dg/tls/static-1.C are failing due to a bug in the HP linker.  The linker has been fixed but not yet released.  The problem is that the linker is using the SHF_HP_TLS (0x01000000) flag for thread local storage instead of SHF_TLS.  I am going to see if I can get a patch accepted into binutils where we set both flags so that we don't need to wait for the patched linker.  But first I need to figure out how to do it.
Comment 5 Steve Ellcey 2006-02-09 18:55:10 UTC
A patch to binutils was submitted and checked in for this.  The test will pass with the latest binutils now.  I am not sure if the defect should be closed or not.

Binutils patch:

Comment 6 Mark Mitchell 2006-02-24 00:19:04 UTC
I've closed this bug on two grounds: (1) there's nothing for GCC to do about it, as the problem is either a binutils or HP-UX linker bug, and (2) the binutils change has been checked in, so affected users can simply use the latest binutils.
Comment 7 Mark Mitchell 2006-02-24 00:26:28 UTC
This issue will not be resolved in GCC 4.1.0; retargeted at GCC 4.1.1.