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Bug 13182 - -fstack-check probes too distant when allocating on stack
Summary: -fstack-check probes too distant when allocating on stack
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: gcc
Classification: Unclassified
Component: middle-end (show other bugs)
Version: 3.3.1
: P3 enhancement
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Not yet assigned to anyone
Depends on:
Reported: 2003-11-25 00:21 UTC by Robert R Schneck
Modified: 2005-07-23 22:39 UTC (History)
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Host: i686-pc-cygwin
Target: i686-pc-cygwin
Build: i686-pc-cygwin
Known to work:
Known to fail:
Last reconfirmed: 2003-11-27 17:23:45


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Description Robert R Schneck 2003-11-25 00:21:36 UTC
The stack probes generated by -fstack-check appear to be too distant
when something gets allocated on the stack.

Running "gcc -fstack-check -S tmp.c" where tmp.c is
f () {
  int a;
  int foo[2100];
int g() {
  int a;
  int foo[2100];
  f ();
produces the following output in tmp.s:
        .file   "tmp.c"
.globl _f
        .def    _f;     .scl    2;      .type   32;     .endef
        pushl   %ebp
        movl    %esp, %ebp
        subl    $24, %esp
        movl    %esp, -12(%ebp)
        leal    -12792(%esp), %edx
        movl    $0, (%edx)
        movl    $8400, -8(%ebp)
        movl    -8(%ebp), %eax
        call    __alloca
        movl    -12(%ebp), %esp
.globl _g
        .def    _g;     .scl    2;      .type   32;     .endef
        pushl   %ebp
        movl    %esp, %ebp
        pushl   %ebx
        subl    $20, %esp
        leal    -4392(%esp), %eax
        movl    $0, (%eax)
        movl    %esp, %ebx
        leal    -12792(%esp), %eax
        movl    $0, (%eax)
        movl    $8400, -12(%ebp)
        movl    -12(%ebp), %eax
        call    __alloca
        call    _f
        movl    %ebx, %esp
        movl    -4(%ebp), %ebx

In f the first probe is at -12792, skipping over three whole pages!
In g, a non-leaf function, at least we first probe -4392, but there
are still two pages skipped between the two probes.

I think the culprit in the code (gcc-3.3.1-3 on cygwin)
is in the probe_stack_range function in explow.c:
      /* Start probing at FIRST + N * STACK_CHECK_PROBE_INTERVAL
         for values of N from 1 until it exceeds LAST.  If only one
         probe is needed, this will not generate any code.  Then probe
         at LAST.  */
      for (offset = first + STACK_CHECK_PROBE_INTERVAL;
           offset < INTVAL (size);
           offset = offset + STACK_CHECK_PROBE_INTERVAL)
        emit_stack_probe (gen_rtx_fmt_ee (STACK_GROW_OP, Pmode,
                                          GEN_INT (offset)));

      emit_stack_probe (gen_rtx_fmt_ee (STACK_GROW_OP, Pmode,
                                        plus_constant (size, first)));
It looks like there is a confusion about what 
probe_stack_range(first,size) means... is it probe from 
sp down to sp-size assuming that sp to sp-first is already probed?
Or is it to probe down to sp-(first+size)?

Additionally, it looks like it's being assumed that 4392 has already 
been probed, even in leaf functions where that has not been done.

Finally, can anyone tell me what the invariant guaranteed by 
-fstack-check is?  I think that it is "At entry to any function,
sp-4392 is guaranteed to be above the guard page."  (Then the probe in 
non-leaf functions is to preserve the guarantee in any functions that 
are called.)  Is that correct?

Comment 1 Andrew Pinski 2003-11-25 00:43:49 UTC
This is documented in the GCC internals manual how stack-checking works: <
onlinedocs/gccint/Stack-Checking.html>.  Also -fstack-check is only usefully for threaded 
Comment 2 Robert R Schneck 2003-11-25 13:02:44 UTC
(In reply to comment #1)

I fear you may have missed my point.

Stack probes are supposed to happen at STACK_CHECK_PROBE_INTERVAL,
i.e. 4096.

One function does one probe, at sp - 12792 (which is > 4096*3).
One function does two probes, one at sp - 4392,
the other at sp - 12792 (a difference of > 4096*2).

Even if the thread has TWO guard pages this could fail
to be safe!

Please forgive me if I misunderstand.  I had looked at the
internals manual, and I understand (I think) why it is
correct for the first check to be at sp - 4392.
But I am rather convinced that the interval had better
be 4096 (or less) thereafter.

Comment 3 Andrew Pinski 2003-11-27 17:23:45 UTC
Comment 4 Andrew Pinski 2003-12-19 01:27:16 UTC
This is related to bug 10127.
Comment 5 Lothar Werzinger 2003-12-21 00:59:17 UTC
We also experience strange intermittent crashes (sometimes the program crashes, most times  
it doesn't) when using -fstack-check with GCC 3.3.2 on Linux. If the crash occurs it always  
shows a corrupt stack. It shows a function argument that is different from what the program  
had when it executed that function (we printed the argument). What puzzeled us, was that this  
kind of crash also occured with only one thread (the main thread).