Bug 69227

Summary: FAIL: gcc.dg/torture/builtin-integral-1.c -O1 (test for excess errors)
Product: gcc Reporter: Andre Vieira <andre.simoesdiasvieira>
Component: targetAssignee: Not yet assigned to anyone <unassigned>
Severity: normal    
Priority: P3    
Version: 6.0   
Target Milestone: ---   
Host: Target: arm-none-eabi
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Description Andre Vieira 2016-01-11 13:53:26 UTC
Commit r232191 causes the following fail on arm-none-eabi target:

FAIL: gcc.dg/torture/builtin-integral-1.c -O1 (test for excess errors)

As it no longer folds away __builtin_ceill for __builtin_fabsf. This is because Gerald's patch checks for 'targetm.libc_has_function (function_c99_misc)' for a transformation used here and, for arm-none-eabi, TARGET_LIBC_HAS_FUNCTION is defined as 'no_c99_libc_has_function', which always returns false.

The question now is whether we should support function_c99_misc with 'arm-none-eabi', which comes with newlib. I believe newlib does not claim to fully support C99.
Comment 1 ktkachov 2016-01-11 13:57:09 UTC
Relevant thread on gcc-patches:
Comment 2 Andre Vieira 2016-01-11 14:31:53 UTC
I have decided to email the newlib mailinglist to figure out which function classes we should and should not support for 'arm-none-eabi'.

See https://sourceware.org/ml/newlib/2016/msg00009.html
Comment 3 Andre Vieira 2016-01-28 13:50:44 UTC
Test was changed to require C99 runtime in r232487.