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Bug 13885

Summary: Slight incompatibility w/Suns JRE
Product: gcc Reporter: oyvind.harboe
Component: javaAssignee: Not yet assigned to anyone <unassigned>
Severity: normal CC: gcc-bugs, java-prs
Priority: P2    
Version: 3.4.0   
Target Milestone: ---   
Host: Target:
Build: Known to work:
Known to fail: Last reconfirmed:
Attachments: Source file
Source file
This is gnumail.jar compiled from GNU Classpath CVS
These are the .jar files required

Description oyvind.harboe 2004-01-27 13:32:18 UTC
I'm compiling w/Mohans latest build.

gcj -g -o TestUTF8.exe activation.jar javax-security.jar jsse.jar inetlib.jar 
gnumail.jar --main=TestUTF8

e:\eclipse\workspace\testmail>testutf8 The handle is invalid.

   at __ZN3gnu4mail4util18Base64OutputStream5closeEv 
   at __ZN8TestUTF84mainEP6JArrayIPN4java4lang6StringEE 
   at _main (c:\Temp\cc4Qdaaa.i:11)
Comment 1 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-27 13:33:20 UTC
Created attachment 5594 [details]
Source file
Comment 2 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-27 13:33:53 UTC
Created attachment 5595 [details]
Source file
Comment 3 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-27 13:34:38 UTC
When I run it from Suns JRE, I do not get the exception.

Comment 4 Andrew Pinski 2004-01-28 06:09:41 UTC
Can you attach or point to where someone could find activation.jar javax-security.jar jsse.jar 
inetlib.jar gnumail.jar?
Comment 5 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-28 07:45:09 UTC
>Can you attach or point to where someone could find activation.jar 
>javax-security.jar jsse.jar inetlib.jar gnumail.jar?

They are in GNU Classpath/Classpathx CVS.

Arrgggh.... I can't find gnumail.jar + smtp.jar.

I always thought it strange that GNU Classpath/Classpathx doesn't make 
the .jar's more readily available.

Comment 6 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-28 08:47:44 UTC
Created attachment 5598 [details]
This is gnumail.jar compiled from GNU Classpath CVS
Comment 7 oyvind.harboe 2004-01-28 17:50:26 UTC
Created attachment 5600 [details]
These are the .jar files required

I recommend getting them from GNU Classpath/Classpathx, but here they are.
Comment 8 Andrew Pinski 2016-09-30 22:48:57 UTC
Closing as won't fix as the Java front-end has been removed from the trunk.