Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
ABI ABI issues Search 483
accepts-invalid Accepts invalid code Search 2331
addr-space Problem reports concerning the named address space feature Search 18
alias missed-optimization due to aliasing issues. Search 385
assemble-failure Fail while assembling the .s file which GCC produces. Missing local label. Symbol defined twice. Search 211
bugurl GCC bugzilla is not the right bug tracker for this report. The bug report should go to the distributor of the compiler, and the distributor should configure the compiler with a correct --with-bugurl= Search 1
build A component of GCC fails to build Search 2647
C++-coroutines Bug reports about C++20 Coroutines Search 60
c++-lambda Bug reports related to the C++ feature lambdas Search 321
compare-debug-failure A -fcompare-debug failure as that is neither wrong code nor wrong debug. Search 222
compile-time-hog Compilation uses way too much compile time Search 712
deferred This bug was deemed too risky to attempt to fix during stabilization stages. Deferred to a development stage of a subsequent release. Search 48
diagnostic An error or warning is missing, misleading, or incorrect. Search 6790
documentation This is a documentation bug. Search 933
easyhack Bugs that are easy to fix and that would be great starting points for new contributors to GCC Search 201
EH Exception handling related problem. Search 153
error-recovery ICE (or 'bailing out') after a sensible error message. (Use only with ice-on-invalid-code.) Search 1224
FIXME There is a FIXME/????/TODO/sorry in the source which this bug is reporting. Search 69
GC Issues related to GC freed a pointer which is still in use. Search 94
ice-checking ICE only when checking is turned on. Search 698
ice-on-invalid-code ICE on code that is not valid Search 4060
ice-on-valid-code ICE on code that is valid Search 13110
inline-asm Issues related to inline-asm Search 189
internal-improvement Improvement which benefits gcc development itself, including compiler debugging and cleanup Search 151
lto A problem that shows up when LTO is involved. Search 709
memory-hog Compilation uses way too much memory Search 408
meta-bug Not a real PR, but the common denominator of a group of PRs. Search 232
missed-optimization This PR shows a situation where a possible code optimization could be performed by GCC but it is not. Search 7260
monitored This bug is monitored daily (by Volker Reichelt) against the open branches to check if it gets silently fixed. There is no need to manually reconfirm such a bug. Search 1450
needs-bisection A problem that is a regression and thus can a culprit revision can be identified. Search 164
needs-reduction A problem with a test-case that should be reduced for easier debugging. Search 65
non-weak Only affects targets which do not support weak symbols. Search 3
openacc A problem parsing or translating OpenACC constructs. Search 390
openmp A problem parsing or translating OpenMP constructs. Search 1000
opt-attribute optimize and target attribute related issues. Search 35
patch This PR has a patch which fixes it; the patch was posted to gcc-patches@; and the comments have a reference to the post. Search 3833
plugin Plugin related bug; usually about the plugin callbacks. Search 6
ra Missed optimization caused by the register allocator. Search 646
rejects-valid Rejects valid code Search 5211
sjlj-eh Problem specific to setjump/longjump exception handling. Search 14
ssemmx SSE/MMX problems, reject valid, ICE on valid code or wrong code. (only for use with i?86 problems). Search 122
stmt-expr Issues related to the statement expression extension Search 29
testsuite-fail Bug report that has a testsuite failure already associated with it or a XPASS. Might be a testing issue, wrong code, ICE or missed optimization. Search 470
trans-mem A problem parsing or translating Transactional Memory constructs. Search 28
translation An issue regarding the translation of messages Search 6
TREE To be used for machine-independent optimizations or analyses that are done in RTL but not in tree-ssa. Search 155
visibility denotes problems related to visibility support in GCC. Includes but is not limited to issues with: -fvisibility, -fvisibility-inlines-hidden, #pragma GCC visibility, __attribute__((visibility(option))) Search 85
wrong-code Generates incorrect code. Has to be able to compile and link. Search 8750
wrong-debug Generates wrong debugging information. Search 455
xfail This test has been xfailed on the relevant branch, but must be fixed before merging back to mainline. Search 79