GCC Summit 2010

This page has the individual papers and slides for the http://gccsummit.org/2010/][GCC Summit 2010. If you notice anything missing or out of date, please drop me a note at dnovillo@google.com


MEM-REF and beyond - desired changes to the GIMPLE IL Richard Guenther, SUSE

Optimizing real world applicatoins with GCC LTO Jan Hubicka, SUSE CR

The new intraprocedural Scalar Replacement of Aggregates Martin Jambor, SUSE Linux

Improving debug info for optimized away parameters Jakub JelĂ­nek, Red Hat, Inc.

Real-time debugging using GDB Tracepoints Marc Khouzam, Ericsson

Advanced Tracing Features using GDB and LTTng Marc Khouzam, Ericsson

Consistent Views at Recommended Breakpoints Alexandre Oliva, Red Hat, Inc

Improving GCC's auto-vectorization with if-conversion and loop flattening Sebastian Pop, Advanced Micro Devices

Exposing Difficult Compilers Bugs With Random Testing John Regehr, University of Utah

GDB Tracepoints: From Prototype to Production Stan Shebs, CodeSourcery

Safe ICF - Pointer Safe and Unwinding Aware Identical Code Folding in Gold. Sriraman Tallam, Google

The Go frontend for GCC Ian Lance Taylor, Google

Enabling more optimizations in GRAPHITE: ignoring memory-based dependences Konrad Trifunovic, INRIA Saclay - Ile-de-France

Lightning Talks