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 * [[attachment:The_Art_of_Open_Source_War.pdf|Open Source Communities and Corporate Interests]]
   David Edelsohn, IBM Research
 * Tricks of a Spec master ([[attachment:spec-master-slides.pdf|slides]], [[attachment:spec-master-paper.pdf|paper]])
   Michael Robert Meissner, IBM
 * [[attachment:gaius-gcc2010.pdf|Exploiting front end knowledge to effortlessly create Python modules]]
   Gaius Mulley
 * [[attachment:smart-programmer-bad-code.pdf|When smart programmers write bad code]]
   Steven J Munroe, IBM

 * [[attachment:IncrementalCompiler.pdf|Towards Incremental Compilation]]
   Lawrence Crowl, Diego Novillo, Google
 * [[attachment:GCC_Summit_2010.pdf|Issues of supporting GCC on Windows]]
   Kai Tietz, OneVision

== Tutorials ==

GCC Summit 2010

This page has the individual papers and slides for the GCC Summit 2010. If you notice anything missing or out of date, please drop me a note at dnovillo@google.com


Lightning Talks



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