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 * [[http://www.openmp.org/mp-documents/omp3.1-2011.0203a.pdf|OpenMP v3.1 draft standard]]
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 * OpenMP v3.1 -- [[http://openmp.org/wp/2011/02/31-draft-specs-ready-for-public-comment/|draft spec available (since February 5, 2011)]]  * OpenMP v3.1 -- [[http://openmp.org/wp/2011/02/31-draft-specs-ready-for-public-comment/|draft spec available (since February 5, 2011)]]; note work has started on the `gomp-3_1-branch`


This page contains information on GCC's implementation of the OpenMP standard and related functionality like the auto parallelizer (-ftree-parallelize-loops).

As of GCC 4.2, the compiler implements version 2.5 of the OpenMP standard and as of 4.4 it implements version 3.0 of the OpenMP standard.

OpenMP Documentation

Automatic Parallelization


  • Streamization


Feel free to add new items to this list as you run into issues or features that would be interesting to add. Send mail to the list and/or the GCC OpenMP maintainers if any item in this list sounds interesting but is hard to understand.

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