C++ Coroutines

This page describes the GCC implementation state for the C++ coroutines TS.

FIXME: Summarise the goal.

Implementation State

Development branch: 'c++-coroutines' (svn://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/branches/c++-coroutines). Reporting bugs

The branch was created, by Iain Sandoe, Sept 2018 The specification, design and implementation are in flux.

Notable events:

Invoking the Compiler

g++ -fcoroutines -fno-exceptions

FIXME: Documentation will be in the GCC manual under 'C++ Coroutines'.


This is an experimental implementation of a TS that is still in flux. As such, please discuss bugs/features directly with me.


FIXME: add the outline.


FIXME: Add a couple of trivial examples



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