ScopLib support for Graphite - Linking Graphite to the huge industrial and research community


Many polyhedral optimization tools and libraries have been developed since the 90's. Our project aims to enable Graphite to take advantage of these tools by making it able to export/import internal polyhedral representation to the scopLib file format, a standard format used for communication between polyhedral tools and libraries.

The project

Advanced compiler optimization projects such as Graphite need a huge amount of work, not only from the side of developers but also from the research and the industrial side ; collaborative work is crucial to the project. Our proposal aims to bridge the gap and enable better collaboration between worldwide researchers, industrial users and Graphite developers ; the final benefit for Graphite is to reach a better optimized, well tested and more reliable code generation. Graphite uses the polyhedral model as a basic model for loop optimization and parallelization. Many tools such as PoCC, Loopo and Pluto rely also on this model to perform advanced loop transformations. Making graphite benefit from the algorithms that are currently implemented in these tools is a big step toward the support of a full polyhedral framework in GCC. The goal of our project is to enable Graphite to Export/Import polyhedral internal loop representation to other polyhedral tools through the scopLib file format, a format designed to enable polyhedral tools and libraries to communicate with each other. GCC and graphite will parse loops, detect scops, and preparer information (structures) needed for polyhedral optimization, these structures are dumped to a scop file (a text file in the scopLib format that specifies all necessary information for loop transformations), polyhedral tools will then read this file, apply polyhedral transformations and dump the result back to a scop file, Graphite will then read this file, and proceed to generate code.

Benefits for Graphite


26 April 2010 - The project is accepted for Google summer of Code 2010, Riyadh Baghdadi will be working on this with Sebastian Pop and Tobias grosser.

- More details about the projet is avaialable here (pdf). This is a light weight version of the original Google Summer of Code proposal.

- If you are a student and you want to participate in Google summer of code, here is the result of my experience with SoC : 5 tips to get your Google Summer of Code proposal accepted.

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