This page is meant to document the Dwarf changes and behavior of the RHEL 4.4.2-RH and Fedora 12 compilers relative to the GCC 4.1.x-RH compilers.

It is possible to control the dwarf debug records generated by RHEL 6 and Fedora 12 compilers via the -gdwarf-{2,3,4} and -gstrict-dwarf switches. By default GCC uses -gdwarf-3 -gno-strict-dwarf which means emit DWARF-3 plus any DWARF-4 extensions that can be safely ignored by strict DWARF-3 readers. Examples of changes that are not allowed with -gstrict-dwarf would include:

We expect to update this page as further Dwarf changes are backported to RHEL and Fedora compilers.

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