I was born and live in Munich, Bavaria. At an age of 12 I started soldering electronic components together. I also did a lot of chemical experiments. At 17 I got access to a CBM computer an programmed it BASIC and machine language. Later I learned PASCAL and FORTRAN and CDC assembler of the Cyber machine we could use as a student.

I started my professional work in a small company named CIS where I stayed 15 years. We developed high performance machine vision systems. I became the head of development. We build our own optics, cameras and illumination systems. For some years I did FPGA and analog electronic design, but most of the time I programmed, first in PASCAL but then we switched to MODULA-2. Besides that I learned to design optics.

Now I'm working at ARRI and developing a film scanner, mainly writing software in C++, including high speed image processing in ALTIVEC and SSE.

I try to support the development of gcc by testing it. I build gcc c/c++ weekly and compile our application, testing gcc by using various options mostly on x86_64.

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