GCC Improvement Projects

This page lists projects related to the re-organization of the code base in accordance with GCC€'s Architectural Goals.

Everyone with wiki access is welcome to add new projects to this page. Please observe the following conventions:


[[gcc-in-cxx|gcc-in-cxx - porting gcc to compile as C++]]

[[ModularGCC|Make GCC more modular]]

Middle End

[[GimpleFrontEnd|Gimple Front End]]

[[MiddleEndArrays|Middle End Array Expressions]]

[[NoUndefinedOverflow|Make C undefined overflow semantics explicit in the IL]]

[[PDO|Using profile to drive optimizations]]

Back End

[[general_backend_cleanup|general backend cleanup]]


[[gimplebackend|Gimple Back End]]

[[openmp|OpenMP support]]

Build System

[[Top-Level_Libgcc_Migration|Top-Level Libgcc Migration]]

Development Tools

[[PerformanceTesting|Scripts for testing compile time and memory consumption]]

[[GCC_Patch_Tracking|GCC Patch Tracking]]


[[Document GCC Internals]]

Compile Time

[[Speedup_areas|Speedup areas]]

[[Memory_management|Proper GCC Memory Management]]



[[Partial_Transitions|Partial Transitions]]