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 * [[Math_Optimization_Flags|Math Optimization Flags]]  * [[Math_Optimization_Flags|Math Optimization Flags]]   * [[http://essayshelp.org/|essay help]]
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 * [[Planet_GCC|GCC developer blogs]]  * [[Planet_GCC|GCC developer blogs]] 
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 * [[DeadlySins|Deadly sins for a compiler writer]]  * [[DeadlySins|Deadly sins for a compiler writer]] 

Welcome to GCC Wiki

This page contains information about the GNU Compiler Collection. Please read HowToUseWiki if you need help editing this WikiWikiWeb.

This wiki is not for random discussion of GCC, nor for asking questions. It is here to provide information. If you have questions, please use the mailing list. Do not add questions to these pages! gcc-help@gcc.gnu.org is a good mailing list for questions about GCC.

There is an IRC channel dedicated to GCC development at irc.oftc.net/#gcc
NOTE! This channel is exclusively dedicated to the development of GCC. Questions regarding usage of GCC are not appropriate.

There is an IRC channel dedicated to helping users with GCC at irc.freenode.org/#gcc. Please use this channel for questions regarding GCC usage and general GCC discussion.

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Getting Started with GCC Development

Improving GCC

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User Information

GCC Summit Proceedings

Proceedings of the GCC Summit:

GCC as a research compiler

GCC Research Opportunities Workshop Proceedings


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