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= Welcome to GCC Wiki =
This page contains information about the [http://gcc.gnu.org GNU Compiler Collection]

=== This wiki is not for random discussion of GCC, nor for asking questions. It is here to provide information. If you have questions, please use the mailing list. Do not add questions to these pages! gcc-help@gcc.gnu.org is a good mailing list for questions about GCC. ===

There is an [:GCConIRC:IRC channel dedicated to GCC development] at {{{irc.oftc.net/#gcc}}} [[BR]]
*NOTE!* This channel is exclusively dedicated to the *development of* GCC. Questions regarding usage of GCC will be generally ignored, and persistent offenders may be banned from the channel.

== GCC Info: ==
 * ["GCC Traffic (news)"]
 * ["SummerOfCode"]
 * ["GCC 4.2 Projects"]
 * ["GCC 4.1.1 RC Status"]
 * ["GCC 4.1 Projects"]
 * ["GCC 4.0.2 Status"]
 * ["GCC Patch Tracking"]
 * [What is new in GCC 4.0||What will be in 4.0]
  * [:Visibility:Proper C++ visibility support]
 * [:DevelopmentSchedule:Development schedule]
 * [:DebuggingGCC:Debugging GCC]
 * [:TestingGCC:Testing GCC]
 * [:WritingANewPass:Writing a new pass]
 * [:WritingANewFrontEnd:Writing a new front-end]
<?plugin SiteMap
         description="* ["User Information"]"
         page='User Information'

== [:StructureOfGCC:Structure of GCC] ==
 * [:FrontEnd:Language front ends]
 * [:MiddleEnd:Target independent code transformation frameworks]
  * [:TreeOptimizers:Tree Optimizers]
  * [:RTLOptimizers:RTL Optimizers]
 * [:BackEnd:Target dependent passes and code generation]
  * [:reload:reload]

== Internal GCC documentation ==
 * [http://people.redhat.com/dnovillo/pub/tree-ssa/doc/html/ Tree SSA doxygen documentation (generated daily)]
 * [http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gccint/ GCC internals]
 * [http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/cppinternals/ CPP internals]

== GCC summit proceedings (as PDF) ==
 * [http://zenii.linux.org.uk/ajh/gcc/gccsummit-2003-proceedings.pdf 2003]
 * [http://www.gccsummit.org/2004/2004-GCC-Summit-Proceedings.pdf 2004]
 * [http://www.gccsummit.org/2005/2005-GCC-Summit-Proceedings.pdf 2005]
 * [http://www.gccsummit.org/2006/2006-GCC-Summit-Proceedings.pdf 2006]

== Improvements quicklinks ==
 * ["Speedup areas"]
 * ["general backend cleanup"]
 * ["Top-Level Bootstrap"]
 * [Proper GCC Memory Management||Memory management]
 * ["Partial Transitions"]
 * [:LinkTimeCleanups:Cleanup plan for link-time and dynamic optimization]
 * [:LoopOptTasks:Loop Optimization Related Tasks]

== Miscellaneous ==
 * ["People"]
 * [:Planet_GCC:GCC developer blogs]
 * [:SvnHelp:SVN Guide for GCC developers]
 * [:HowToPrepareATestcase:How to prepare a testcase]
 * ["A guide to testcase reduction"]
 * ["CompileFarm"]
 * ["abbreviations and acronyms"]
 * ["History"]
 * [:DeadlySins:Deadly sins for a compiler writer]
 * ["Software floating point"]
 * ["Links"]
 * ["F90gl HowTo"]
+ [:AllPages:Index]
Please link what you are doing from the subpages.

== General Wiki info: ==

 * What is a WikiWikiWeb? A description of this application.
 * Learn HowToUseWiki and learn about AddingPages.
 * Use the SandBox page to experiment with Wiki pages.
 * Please sign your name in RecentVisitors.
 * See RecentChanges for the latest page additions and changes.
 * Find out which pages are MostPopular.
 * Read the ReleaseNotes and RecentReleases.
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