Tasks related to the data dependence analysis for Graphite:

/* This will be in the first time before conversion to PCP.  */
typedef graphite_array data_reference_p;

/* This will be the new definition in PCP.  */
typedef graphite_array pcp_array;

struct poly_data_ref {
  int nb_subscripts;
  ppl_Linear_Expression_t *access_fn;
  graphite_array *array;

bool drs_may_not_conflict (graphite_array *a, graphite_array *b);

if (drs_may_not_conflict (a, b))
  no dependence;

for (i = 0; i < a->nb_subscripts; i++)
  add_constraint_to_poly (dp, constraint (a.access_fn[i] == b.access_fn[i]));

add_iteration_domains (dp, a, b)

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