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 * [[http://www-ali.cs.umass.edu/~moss/610.html CMP SCI 610/410 - Compiler Techniques - Fall 2008]] (multimedia lecture notes for a complete introductory compilers course with emphasis on gcc)

Welcome to the Getting Started section of the GCC Wiki

This section contains collected information geared towards folks who are new to GCC and may be feeling a bit lost in the barbaric jungles of GCC's source code. Although we are continuously trying to improve GCC's internal modularity and interfaces, the fact remains that GCC is about 20 years old, fairly large and we need to keep it working on the multitude of supported architectures and languages. So, getting to work with GCC can be a challenge.

Everyone is welcome to add links to tutorials, HOWTOs, cheat sheets, etc that may be floating around the net.


So, you are ready to contribute to GCC. We are constantly looking for new developers who are willing to donate their time to advance GCC.

Before you do, however, there is an important formality that you need to go through: Copyright assignment.

GCC is owned by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), as such, all contributors must assign their copyright to the FSF before any of their changes are accepted. The copyright assignment process is described in Contributing to GCC.

Tutorials, HOWTOs

Internal documentation

Dealing with the source code

Structure Of GCC

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