Determining the technical requirements for a potential "gcc plugin API/SDK", primarily based on (this discussion still needs to be summarized here).

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Application Areas for plugins in gcc

* creating experimental optimization passes

* prototyping code analysis passes (not related to code generation)

* ...

Stages to be supported by plugins

Features that shall be supported

* ...

* ...

* ...

Design decisions

* platform support

* plugin versioning

* Plugin dependencies?

* plugins and optimisation passes?

* explicit vs. implicit plugin loading (i.e. automatically loaded plugins?)

More involved use case scenarios

* Multiple installed versions of GCC

* Multiple installed builds for the same version of GCC (Is this worth catering for?)

* Cross compilers

* Finding the directory where to install a plugin should not be TOO difficult for an external plugin project

Facilitities that shall be exported ("Hooks")

User Interface Requirements

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