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 * '''co-arrays:''' Part of Fortran 2008 (draft) ''[[ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1701-N1750/N1724.pdf|Co-arrays in the next Fortran Standard]]'' [[http://gcc.gnu.org/PR18918|PR18918]]  * '''co-arrays:''' Part of Fortran 2008 (draft) ''[[ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1701-N1750/N1724.pdf|Co-arrays in the next Fortran Standard]]'' [[http://gcc.gnu.org/PR18918|PR18918]] [[http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/fortran/2008-04/msg00181.html|Implementation draft for gfortran]]

Fortran 2003 Features in GNU Fortran


See also GFortran news and in the GNU Fortran manuals and note that the following list is incomplete.

  • Command-line intrinsics

  • Streaming IO

  • ENUMERATION support

  • Allocatable components and dummy arguments (TR 15581) and move_alloc

  • USE statements with INTRINSIC and NON_INTRINSIC (since 2006-11-17)

  • ISO_FORTRAN_ENV module (since 2006-11-20)

  • VOLATILE attribute (since 2006-11-07)

  • VALUE attribute (since 2006-12-03)

  • IMPORT statement (since 2006-12-08)

  • PROTECTED statement (since 2006-12-10)

  • Intent for pointers (since 2007-01-05)

  • Renaming operators on the USE statement (since 2007-03-08)

  • ISO C Bindings (since 2007-07-02)

  • MIN / MAX with character arguments (since 2007-08-06)

  • Optional KIND= specifier: ACHAR, COUNT, IACHAR, ICHAR, INDEX, LBOUND, LEN, LEN_TRIM, SCAN, SIZE, UBOUND, VERIFY (since 2007-08-12)

  • ABSTRACT INTERFACE (since 2007-08-18) and PROCEDURE statement (since 2007-09-04, without procedure pointers)

  • Fortran 2003 BOZ, i.e. BOZ in INT, REAL, DBLE and CMPLX (since 2007-12-08)

  • Asynchronous IO, (since 2008-05-2008, standard conform, but implemented as synchronous I/O)

  • I/O changes: decimal=, sign=, delim=, pad=, blank=, encoding=default [but not UTF-8] (since 2008-04-05)

Fortran 2008



Features supported by several other compilers

Without pending patches

Other features

Note: This list is by far incomplete.

  • Optional KIND= specified: MAXLOC, MINLOC, SHAPE (PR29600)

  • More allowed initialization expressions PR29962

  • Non-initialization expr. as case-selector PR25104

  • type-spec for array constructor PR27997 (patch available)

  • Type-bound procedures: PROCEDURE, GENERIC

  • Abstract derived types: ABSTRACT, DEFERRED

  • User Defined Derived Type I/O

  • ALLOCATE specifiers SOURCE= and ERRMSG=


  • Pointer Rank Remapping PR29785

  • ASSOCIATE construction

Moving GNU Fortran towards the 2008 Standard

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