A perl front-end for GCC. How sweet. How unworkable, and how unnecessary.

But what if it started by not doing much. The first step in the direction is going to be the sloppy.pm perl module, which will oppose the strict.pm perl module, except they will be compatible. Sloppy will provide quasi-optional semicolons at end of lines, allow indented terminators for here-quotes literals, make lexicals out of undeclared variables (instead of package vars) (maybe), and things like that.

As a first stab (or a second or third stab -- there are a lot of notes from the TERN project that nothing has been done with) at compiling perl in perl.

After we are compiling perl in perl (even though it is being output, again, as perl) outputting to GIMPLE may be possible, at which point we have a GPC (GNU Perl Compiler) (Good People's Cigarettes) and if GPC can compile GPC itself, then we've got something to be proud of.

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