Building the The C++ Runtime Library Documentation

The The GNU C++ Library Documentation consists of the Manual, the FAQ, and the API and Source Documentation.

At the moment building the Libstdc++ documents is not as easy as the other GCC documents because the doc targets are not found in the top build directory's make file and the tools used are (1) not always available on the user's system or (2) they are not configured the way the gcc developers' systems are.

Both html, pdf, and info output formats are generated from the same xml sources in DocBook 5 format. The sources are found in the gcc source tree in subdirectory libstdc++-v3/doc/xml.

Html and Pdf Formats

Tools required for the current system of html and pdf document generation are:

To build the html and pdf Manual, after the libstdc++ build is complete, go to the <TARGET>/libstdc++-v3/doc subdirectory of the build directory and use the Makefile there to execute the appropriate targets.

For pdf execute:

For html, you must first ensure the Makefile variable XSL_STYLE_DIR points to the directory which contains the DocBook namespace-version style sheets you want to use (this is a manual step until the build system has been fully automated). Then execute:

To build the API and Source Documentation execute:

There are other documentation targets you can see in the Makefile which will generate various combinations of formats with one command but, until you ensure your doc build system is working for each, these are not recommended:


generates Manual and API html docs


generates API man pages

There are also install targets corresponding to most of the documentation build targets. Some of them are:


GNU Info Format work...

Build Errors

If you get errors during the build, then you may not have the prerequisites properly installed. Consult the gcc help mailing list if you can't solve the problem.

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